Black Pink Jisoo's favorite fashion brand!👚تشاركك شركة بوظة بأحدث صيحات الموضة الكورية! - ك-فاشن👚

‘Ralph Lauren’, a brand which was popular in early 2000s,
is emerging as a new fashion trend among teenagers and twenties.

A slang called ‘Ral-Bbong-Look’ (랄뽕룩),
which means a look showing the addiction to ‘Ralph Lauren’
among Generation MZ (Millennials, born 1981-1996 and Z, born 1997-2012), spreads.

‘Ralph Lauren’ went viral again because of the strategic alliance with Musinsa (Wusinsa).
Musinsa (Wusinsa) collaborates with teenagers and twenties’ favorite rappers and influencers
by providing ‘Ralph Lauren’ clothing and made various ‘Digital Lookbooks’
for reference of how to style outfits.
K-pop idols also love this classic brand which never goes out of fashion.

*WUSINSA is a sister platform of MUSINSA
which offers unique brands for anyone
who wants to experience new style, brands and fashion.
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