The lake turns to Ice Lake in winter in Korea!😱🧊‎في الشتاء تتحول البحيرة إلى بحيرة جليدية!😱🧊

📍Sanjung Lake!
‎بحيرة سانجيونغ!📍
Sanjung Lake is one of the main attractions in Pocheon and
is situated down in the valley between Myeongseong Mountain,
Mangbong Mountain, and Mangmu Peak.
Meaning “lake as clear as a mountain well”.
Sanjung Lake was built as a reservoir to supply water to farmlands in 1925.
Thanks to its surrounding attractions, the lake brings many visitors each year.
Promenades along the lake are popular for couples
as well as tourists who stay in the nearby hotels.
In every winter, the lake turns to ice lake and 'Sled Festival' will be held.
There are various ice activities, such as rubber duck train, penguin sled
and ice buggy, for families, friends and couples to enjoy.
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